Schools and nurseries often require playmats for their indoor soft play areas or child activity areas. A range of playmat materials are available from various suppliers including rubber tiles and artificial grass tiles. Either of these flooring solutions are suitable for small areas such as one corner of the class room. Conversely, the tiles can be used to cover the entire floor of large rooms such as the school hall or gymnasium; a great advantage of flooring tiles is that you can buy as few or as many as you like and you can even expand the floor area at any time!

Regarding the installation of rubber tile or artificial grass tile playmats, any adult can do this with only minimal DIY skills. Instructions are provided by the manufacturer but you simply need to slot each tile together then use a strong utility knife to cut the tile edges around the perimiter of your floor. The installation cost is therefore absolutely nothing and the process can be completed in a matter of hours.

Artificial Grass Playmat

artificial grass playmat

Artificial grass tiles provide an excellent playmat area that is soft and enjoyable for children. Each foam tile has the same artificial turf surface as used for premium outdoor lawns. Therefore you can expect parents, teachers, children and vistors to be inspired by the realism and comfort of this unique playmat. Although the playmat is designed for indoor use, it can also be stuck down to outdoor surfaces such as concrete or tarmac to provide a soft play area. The possibilities are endless with artificial grass playmat tiles.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of artificial grass tiles is that they slot together seamlessly. Nobody will be aware they are standing on a tiled floor because it appears as one complete section of turf with no visible lines, joins or seams. This is made possible by the lush blades of turf that hide the foam tile to which they are attached.

Rubber Tiles Playmat

rubber tiles playmat

Rubber tile playmats are comprised of interlocking jigsaw floor tiles made from soft closed cell EVA foam and rubber. These tiles provide a multi-purpose and durable playmat for your school or nursery. Available in a variety of colours that can brighten up the room and make playtime even more enjoyable. Tiles can be cut with a utility knife to fit non-uniform areas. Edging strips are supplied with each tile for a straight finish.

Playmat Suppliers

Artificial Grass playmats from As Good As Grass are available from £11.50 per tile. Each artifical grass playmat tile is appoximately 0.25 square metres.

Rubber Tile playmats from Soft Floor UK are available from £15.96 per tile. Each rubber playmat tile is appoximately 0.25 square metres.