Wet Pour

Wet pour

Wet pour is an anti-slip and impact absorbent playground surface available in a range of colours and artistic designs. To install a new wet pour surface, a hard base is required such as tarmac or concrete. Due to the non porous nature of wet pour, the surface is often installed at a small gradient to enable water run off for efficient drainage.

Wet Pour Colours

Wet pour colours include rainbow green, may green, grey, brown, red, dark blue, sky blue, black, earth yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, egg shell, beige and yellow. The colours can be mixed to create unique patterns on the playground surface for children to enjoy.

wetpour colours

Wet Pour Thickness / Critical Fall Height

The present UK standard for impact absorbing playgrounds are BS EN 1177 and BS 7188 which include tests for critical fall height, indentation, slip resistance, durability and flammability.

Fall Height Over 2m

wetpour rubber fall height

Fall Height Over 2m

wetpour playground safety

Wet Pour Suppliers

Playgrounds UK – A complete design and installation service for playground surfaces and equipment.

Wet Pour Surfaces Ltd – suppliers for children’s playground safety surfaces to schools, community groups and local authorities.


Play Safety Inspections – RoSPA are the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. They provide a playground inspection service and detailed safety guidelines.

Playground Safety Testing – Smithers Rapra are independent rubber, plastic and composite consultants.